Mokpo Central Food Market

The representative market of the old city and the leading traditional market of Mokpo.This is a traditional market with 50 years of history. Most of the sellers inherited their business for generations so they produce hygienic products with outstanding taste through their skillful knowhow. With their close ties with customers, orders are made from all around the country and products are shipped out within 24 hours.

Dongbu Market

Dongbu Market, located in the center of Mokpo’s living sphere, is the largest market in Mokpo with 375 stores. It sells primary products such as agricultural, marine and livestock products as well as clothing and industrial goods. The vast array of clothing stores, which accounts for 40% of the total market items, is the pride of Dongbu Market.

Jayu Market

Mokpo Jayu Market was built by the sellers through fund raising. The market is known to have high sales even through it is not located in a highly concentrated area. Because of its tasty food and high quality goods, people from neighboring cities aside from Mokpo also visit this market.

Cheongho Market

Cheongho Market is located in the new town of Mokpo and surrounded by apartment complexes. The first floor specializes in agricultural/marine/livestock products, and the second floor specializes in furniture.

Mokpo Specialty Seafood Market

Mokpo Specialty Seafood Market is a wholesale market for various marine products and dried fish, and it is located on the opposite side of Mokpo Port. The main items for sale include skate, salted fish, fresh fish and dried fish. It was designated as part of the Mokpo city tour course because marine tourist sites such as Yudalsan Mountain and Gatbawi Rock are located close by.

Hangdong Market

Hangdong Market has a special positional location as it is located at Mokpo Port, the gateway of Mokpo. It used to be crowded with people from neighboring areas to sell their crops and buy industrial goods they needed.

Shingjungang Market

There are about 150 sellers including Hanbok, industrial products and restaurants. The market is actively promoted through the modernization project of facilities and management.