Support Projects
Project title Target Details How to app
Korean Language Education for Multicultural Families Married immigrant women In-house Korean language education for married immigrant women and foreigners Visit the Mokpo Multicultural Family Support Center and apply
Multicultural Family Visiting Education Project Married immigrant women and children Visiting married immigrant women and children to provide education Visit the Dong community center of residence and apply
Internet Service Fee Support for Multicultural Families Multicultural families (less than 10 years from entering Korea) Monthly KRW 23,000 won/household (maximum)
Theme Education for Immigrant Women Married immigrant women Social adjustment training and Korean culture experience Visit the Mokpo Multicultural Family Support Center and apply
Couple Union Training Married immigrant couple Improving couple relationships and communication, etc.
Language Development Support Service for Multicultural Families Children of multicultural families Supporting systematic and professional language development of multicultural children
Interpretation Service for Married Immigrants Married immigrant women Communication service needed for the social life of married immigrant families
Multicultural Family Bilingual Environment Development Project Multicultural families Supporting bilingual environment for multicultural children through interactive education between parents and children, etc.