Location and Investment Conditions

An excellent hub of logistics with nearby Seohaean Expressway, harbor, and airport

  • Seohaean Expressway: Mokpo - Seoul, within 3 hours
  • High-speed railway (KTX, SRT): Mokpo - Seoul, within 2 hours
  • New Mokpo Port: 8㎞ from Daeyang Industrial Complex, operating six 30,000-ton ships
  • Muan International Airport: Daeyang Industrial Complex - Airport, 20㎞
  • Promoting regular routes between China for car ferries and containers for import and export based on FTA

An urban industrial complex with settlement conditions such as housing, educational facilities, medical facilities, etc.

  • Outstanding settlement conditions for workers as it is located only 10 minutes away from downtown
  • 4,000-household apartments, 440-household Happy Houses, 49 educational institutes, and 31 medical facilities around the industrial complex
  • Easy use of industrial manpower in connection with universities

Creation of a convergence zone of maritime and fisheries; integrates infrastructure for marine products

  • Establishment of an export complex for marine products: ‘17 - ’21, KRW 100 billion
  • Establishment of a maritime and fisheries supporting institute for the southwest area: ‘17 - ’18
  • Promoting the establishment of the National Seaweed Industry Research Institute: ‘17 - ’19
  • Operation of Mokpo MarineFood-Industry Research Center: Located 2㎞ away from Daeyang Industrial Complex

Good access to KEPCO’s HQ, fully prepared as the back-up city for producing electric equipment

  • Energy valley zone industrial complex: 37km away from the headquarters of KEPCO
  • Easy to supply extra-high voltage power (154KV), the industial complex on hard bedrock

Establishment of a public logistics center for cargo vehicles within Daeyang Industrial Complex

  • Establishment of a public garage for cargo vehicles (92,000㎡): Parking lot that can accommodate up to 600 vehicles, convenience facilities, etc

Designation as a special support zone for local SMEs

  • Procurement of limited competition and private contract support, preferred loan financing, etc.

R&D facilities by industry

  • Operation of a MarineFood-Industry Research Center for the highly functional marine product industry
  • Operation of a southwest mid-size shipbuilding industry RIC for the mid-size shipbuilding industry
  • Operation of a comprehensive ceramic industry support center for the ceramic industry
  • Operation of a green energy research institute for the promotion of renewable energy and converged energy
  • Operation of a venture support center and a cultural industry support center for the promotion of the IT industry

※ The best location for building a convergence zone for maritime fisheries and backing up the renewable energy industry