Target Site of Supply

공급 대상 용지 정보를 제공하며 구분, 위치, 필지수, 면적(㎡), 분양예정가격, 공급방법,비고 항목으로 구성된 표
Classification Location Number of lots Area (㎡) Estimated price for distribution Supply method Remark
Industrial facility site Entire area of 1189-1, Daeyang-dong, Mokpo-si 117 854,165 KRW 259,060 /㎡ Deciding target after screening Drawing lots in case of competition
Public facility site 7 113,846 Private contract Designated supply

Industry Type and Eligibility

Industry type

입주업종 정보를 제공하며 입주업종(한국표준사업 중분류) 항목으로 구성된 표
Industry (Korean Standard Industrial Classification, Division)
Food manufacturing [C10] Non-metal mineral product manufacturing [C23]
Electric equipment manufacturing [C28] Automobile and trailer manufacturing [C30]
Other transportation equipment manufacturing [C31] Electricity, gas, steam and air control supply [D35]
Storage and transportation service [H52] Negative list (limited industry)

※ Negative list (limited industry): Industries conforming to Article 2 of the Industrial Cluster Development and Factory Establishment Act which passed the screening process under the basic management plan; excluding limited industries

[Limited industries]
  • C10: Food manufacturing
  • C13: Textile product manufacturing; excluding clothing
  • C14: Clothing, clothing accessories and fur product manufacturing
  • C15: Leather, bag and shoes manufacturing
  • C19: Oil refined product manufacturing among cork, briquette and oil refined product manufacturing
  • C21: Medical material and medicine manufacturing
  • C23: Cement, lime, plaster and their products manufacturing among non-metal mineral manufacturing; other non-metal mineral product manufacturing (excluding polishing manufacturing)
  • C28: Electric equipment manufacturing


If there are two or more applicants for the same lot at the point of accepting application, the order of priority is as follows.

Supply target

Industrial facility site

  • 1st priority : A business that is relocating its headquarters and factory from the metropolitan area (overpopulation control area) in accordance with the Special Act on Balanced National Development, and has completed registration of the factory (business that has its headquarters and factory in the metropolitan area as of the notice date).
  • 2nd priority : A company which signed an MOU with Mokpo City Hall and Jeollanam-do or has been recommended for move-in; a company that has high employment opportunities and therefore can contribute to the invigoration of the regional economy.
  • 3rd priority : A subcontractor of the 1st priority company, other companies wanting to move in.

Supply Schedule and Location

공급일정 및 장소 정보를 제공하며 구분, 공급일정, 장소으로 구성된 표
Classification Supply schedule Location
Notice of distribution February 15 (Mon), 2016 Factory establishment and management information network, websites of Mokpo City Hall and Mokpo Daeyang Industrial Complex
Application of distribution Registration on a rolling basis after February 15 (Mon), 2016 Mokpo Daeyang Industrial Complex
Application of move-in contract Registration on a rolling basis after February 15 (Mon), 2016 Mokpo City Hall (Job Policy Division)
Move-in screening and notice of confirmation 5 days after the date of application for move-in contract
(can be adjusted in discussion with the relevant institute within 5 days)
Mokpo City Hall (Job Policy Division)
Conclusion of move-in contract 5 business days from the date of notifying confirmation of the move-in target Mokpo City Hall (Job Policy Division)
Conclusion of land contract Mokpo Daeyang Industrial Complex
  • Application by lot and final land in competition after screening are decided by drawing lots; Target, result, etc. are notified on the website of the Mokpo Daeyang Industrial Complex
  • Move-in contract is signed with Mokpo City Hall (Job Policy Division) in accordance with Article 38 of the 「Industrial Cluster Development and Factory Establishment Act」

Benefits for move-in companies

  • Subsidy based on the Special Act on Balanced National Development and ordinances of Local Government Investment Promotion
  • Exemption of corporate tax (income tax), acquisition tax and property tax in accordance with the Special Tax Treatment Control Act
  • Loan facilitation secured on the purchased land through cooperation with commercial banks


  • Move-in contract: Mokpo City Hall Job Policy Division (061-270-3362)
  • Land distribution: Mokpo Daeyang Industrial Complex (061-277-9667~8), Mokpo City Hall Office of Industries (061-270-8888)
  • Taxation: Mokpo City Hall Tax Administration Division (Acquisition tax: 061-270-3291, Property tax: 061-270-3429)