An abstract form representing a ship, a fitting symbol for a port city

  • Base of the flag (white): represents the vision of Mokpo progress, flight and development
  • Three figures (green at the top, blue at the bottom): represents the dynamism of the waves
  • White space in the center (white): image of Mt. Yudalsan, the prime symbol of Mokpo City
  • Curve at the bottom (blue): represents a ship symbolizing a port city

An abstract form representing a ship, a fitting symbol for a port city

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Cute and lively mascot

This millennium baby mascot combines the image of the water and waves of the clean city of Mokpo with the new symbol of Mokpo City. 'Popo and Pomi' combines the ending syllable (po) of Mokpo with ‘po' short for port and ‘mi' (Chinese character symbolizing beauty) respectively. It conveys a cute and lively sentiment.

Cute and lively mascot

MokPo Mascot download


  • White Magnolia White Magnolia
  • Loquat Loquat
  • Crane Crane

City Flower – White Magnolia (Mokryun in Korean)

A flower that symbolizes Mokpo A cross with a magnolia. It is graceful and elegant, and alliterates with ‘Mokpo.' In early spring it blooms before the leaves come out, showing off its beautiful form. It symbolizes 'the profound meaning of art and culture as well as the purity and innocence of Mokpo citizens.'

City Tree - Loquat

A tree that symbolizes Mokpo A rosaceous evergreen tree cultivated in the Mokpo area. The flower’s special physiology enables it to withstand the stinging cold and allows it to bloom in winter. It symbolizes the perseverance and tenacity of Mokpo citizens. The fruit symbolizes prosperity and stability, and the stalk symbolizes graceful elegance.

City Bird - Crane

A bird that symbolizes Mokpo A good omen of longevity and luck related to the legend of Samhakdo Island. It has a dignified and mysterious figure, and retains an elegance and romance innate to Mokpo citizens.