Xiamen, China

Xiamen, China

Xiamen is one of the first four open special economic zones in China.

It is a representative trading port of China that imports and exports 60% of Chinese building stones, and one of the most representative ports in the Southeastern part of China with routes opened to 70 ports around the world.

General Information

  • Location: Southeast area of Fujian Province, China (24°23'12.7" · 24°54'29.3" north latitude, 117°52'53.8" · 118°26'1.2" east longitude)
  • Population: 3,431,000
  • Area: Land area (1,865㎢), sea area (390㎢)
  • Date of sisterhood establishment: July 25, 2007
  • Average temperature: 20.9℃ (precipitation 1,200mm)
  • Administrative districts: 6 Qu’s, 21 sub-district offices, 15 Zhen’s, 178 social area resident committees, 2 resident committees, 271 village committees
  • Housing: 472,000 households
  • Schools: Total 1,093 schools (132 middle·high schools, 3 universities·colleges, 126 adult educational institutes, 322 elementary schools, 504 preschools, 3 special education schools)
  • Annual number of tourists: 17.13 million
  • Key industries: Industries (food processing, textile, glass, rubber, leather, shipbuilding, machinery, chemistry, canned goods, marine product processing)
  • Harbor facility: coast line distance 30km, maximum water depth 17.5m
  • 74 anchorages, 12 exclusive container docks
  • Cargo handling capacity: Approximately 7,000 tons
  • Container handling capacity: 4.15 million standard containers

Sisterhood status of private organizations

  • Sep. 6, 2006: Xiamen Harbor Bureau - Mokpo New Port (concluded sisterhood harbor agreement)
  • Jun. 9, 2007: Xiamen Youth Entrepreneurship Association – Mokpo JCI (concluded friendship exchange agreement)
  • Jul. 25, 2007: Xiamen University – Mokpo National University (concluded friendship exchange agreement)

Major exchanges

  • (2007) Concluded sisterhood agreement between Mokpo and Xiamen; Opened street named as Mokpo City in Xiamen; Built the Mokpo City park at Xiamen International Flower Expo
  • (2010) Xiamen Art Company visited the Mokpo Maritime Culture Festival
  • (2012) Mokpo City Dance Company visited Xiamen for the 1st Korean Tourism and Culture Festival in Xiamen; Joint performance of Xiamen Xiaobailou Dance Company – Mokpo City Dance Company at Yeosu Expo; Sports personnel of Xiamen participated in the Mokpo International Athletics Throwing Meeting
  • (2007 - 2016) Participated in Xiamen International Marathon
  • (2016) Participated in the 19th China International Fair for Investment and Trade, Xiamen