Welcom to rising Mokpo with citizens.

Greetings, I am Park Hong-ryul, the mayor of Mokpo City. Mokpo, representing and leading the Honam region, is a city of culture and art where respectable figures who shaped the history of Korea were born.

Mokpo is growing and developing as the hub city of the southwestern area with an active tourism industry, thanks to its excellent transportation network and a natural environment that allows access to the mountains and ocean from anywhere in the city.

Mokpo will grow further as an open municipal government that communicates, with marine tourism and balanced regional development, sharing welfare and talent training. For a municipal government of communication and harmony, we promise to listen to the voices of the people and apply them to the administration for the sustainable development of Mokpo.

We look forward to your encouragement and participation. Thank you.

203, Yangeul-ro, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do

mayor Park Hong-ryul

Mokpo City Mayor Park Hong-ryul