Kochi, Japan

Kochi, Japan

Kochi is a pivotal city in the central part of Kochi, Japan as well as a central city near the Pacific side of Shikoku. The west and the north are surrounded by mountains. A rich field of rice stretches along the east and the south borders the Pacific through Urado Bay.


About 46% of the Kochi district population is concentrated in Kochi city, which performs a role as a consumer and distribution city as a regional service center. The city is active in industries (cement·iron making·shipbuilding·machinery·food) and fisheries.

General Information

  • Date of friendship agreement: November 9, 2012 (Exchanged signatures for letter of intent for friendship exchange on October 16, 2003)
  • Location: Central city of Kochi in the south-central part of Shikoku, Japan
  • Population: 335,991
  • Area: 309.22㎢
  • Average temperature: 17.6℃ / Average precipitation: 3,093㎜
  • Educational facilities: 86 schools (4 universities, 16 high schools, 24 middle schools, 42 elementary schools)
  • Key industries: Forestry, horticulture, food manufacturing
  • Industrial structure: Primary (3.8%), secondary (13.2%), tertiary (82.3%)
  • Festivals: Kochi Castle Festival, Yosakoi Festival
  • Specialty products: Japanese cedar, citron, bonito

Sisterhood status of private organizations

  • Jan. 16, 2013: Mokpo Scouts ⇔ Kochi Scouts

Exchanges and current status

  • (2003) Exchanged signatures for letter of intent for friendship exchange between Mokpo and Kochi
  • (2007) Participated in the 9th INAP 2007 Kochi General Assembly
  • (2007) Construction companies of Kochi visited Mokpo
  • (2012) Mayor of Kochi visited Mokpo for event commemorating the 100th year of Mrs. Yun Hakja’s Birthday
  • (2012) Visited Japanese event for commemorating the 100th year of Mrs. Yun Hakja’s Birthday; signed friendship exchange agreement between Mokpo and Kochi
  • (2013) Deputy Mayor and delegation of Kochi visited Mokpo
  • (2014) Kochi Scouts members visited Mokpo
  • (2015) Interested persons from Kochi participated in the 2015 INAP Mokpo General Assembly