Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Aberdeen is a coastal city in Scotland of the United Kingdom that is famous for marine products and granite-shipping harbor. It is active in commerce and its industries include shipbuilding, ship repair, machinery, printing, textile, paper manufacturing and food processing.


General Information

  • Date of friendship agreement: February 15, 2017
  • Location: Coast of the North Sea in Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Population: 228,990
  • Area: 184,46㎢
  • Average temperature: 15.5℃
  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary government [Parliament, local government, Scottish Parliament]
  • Key industries: A center of fisheries, shipbuilding, renewable energy, industries and commerce; * rapidly grew after discovering the North Sea Oil Field in 1970s
  • Specialty products: Liquor (whiskey), crafts

Exchange status of private organizations

  • May 2013: Mokpo National University ⇔ Robert Gordon University (concluded MoU)

Mayor exchanges

  • (2013) Mokpo Delegation visited Aberdeen
  • (2013) Interested parties of Aberdeen visited Mokpo
  • (2017) Mayor of Aberdeen visited Mokpo to conclude friendship exchange agreement